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December 8, 2017

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This post was NOT thought out.  But HELLO!!! It SNOWED here!  In Bryan, TX!!  Like BIG snow flakes, and snow sticking on the ground.  Snow ball fights, snow men and crunching when we walk snow!  I don’t remember it snowing that good ever in my whole life here!  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a few snow shows every several years but NOTHING like last night!  It was amazing and gorgeous and will be completely gone by this evening I am sure.

We started the night by going to my daughters school play (she had a speaking role, and I know I’m her mom but she was AWESOME!! TV here we come!!), it was sleeting as we drove there.  Inside the teacher made a joke about how all these Texans were calling this sleet snow, he being from West Virginia was qualified to let us know this was not the case…then once the play was over he came back and said, again as a W. Virginian he was qualified to let us know that it was indeed NOW snowing and we should go check it out immediately!

We could not believe it!  The cars were covered and it was coming down hard!

The whole town looked magical!

When we got home the kids played in the snow for a long time, long enough that their little hands were red and hurting (and their cute little cheeks were so rosy!).  Since we live in Texas and we really don’t get much cold weather we don’t even have gloves handy…my children put socks on their hands and go for it!

When we woke up this morning I could NOT believe that the schools were not even delayed!   Being the rebel that I am (actually I’m just a big wuss and didn’t want to drive in this…plus how often will my kids get to play in the SNOW?!), I kept my kiddos home this morning and we have been outside quite a bit so far!

I hope, if you were near here, you have had a blast playing in this rare snow storm here in Texas!

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