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Bridesmaids…wedding day survival kit!!

January 4, 2018

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Calling all Bridesmaids! This is the post for you!!

At one of my recent weddings, the Maid of Honor (or MOH for short) was so incredible that I found myself blurting out in the getting ready room (after 20 min of being there mind you):

I thought, “Oh gosh, this girl is going to think i’m nuts!” I mean she barely knows me, and I’m all like “Please be on my blog!” all puppy eyed and stuff!

Thank goodness she is actually even more perfect than I thought and said “Yes!  I am so down!” Cause her advice is gonna be priceless for all you MOH’s out there who are like…What do I do now?!

The biggest takeaway from this post that I want you to have:
What to pack in your wedding day survival kit!

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a lot of time and you wanna skip down to the Wedding Day Survival Kit, I bolded that particular paragraph for ya.  But I would recommend reading it all thru, it’s simple easy advice and it could go a long way in becoming the best MOH a Bride could ask for!

Take it all in y’all!

Q: What was your reaction when you were asked to be Maid of Honor?
A: I was ecstatic! The bride and I had talked about getting married as kids and what we wanted the day to be like. She’s like my sister so I was thrilled and honored …(hehe) to have been asked to play such an important role in her day.

Q: How would you describe the job of a Maid of Honor?
A: In my opinion, the job of MOH is to just be there for whatever is needed. The MOH is the extra hand to make anything and everything easier for the Bride, Groom and their families.

Q: Do you have a list of specific sites/sources you felt like helped you the most?
A: TBH I kinda winged it lol once she asked me to be her MOH, I made a list of things I heard her suggest or say she might like done or anything that sounded like it could pertain to the wedding. From there I just utilized what most closely matched whatever was going on. The only website I kept handy was for the survival kit.

Q: What was in your Survival Kit for the wedding day?
A: Almost everything at THIS link was in the kit. I did eliminate some things based on necessity and circumstances. My biggest suggestion for any MOH to have handy from these is Listerine strips! They are so much better than mouthwash and you can pop a strip in right before walking down the Aisle!

Q: Do you think the Maid of Honor should plan the bachelorette party and wedding shower?
A: YES. I think the MOH should have a big hand in planning both bachelorette and the shower, I think that’s essential to the job description! I mean shouldn’t the MOH be someone who knows her best?!

Q: Do you have thoughts on what you should spend, and who should be responsible for what at either of these?
A: For the Wedding Shower I think the hosts should divide all expenses equally. I personally got the bride a wedding gift aside from the hostess gift but that’s because she’s my best friend. For the bachelorette party, I paid for everything out of my own pocket and then told those who attended the party what they owed prior to going. I also gave them a date in advance to have them pay me by (about 2 weeks before the party) to secure their spot and it worked really well. At the bachelorette party, I feel everyone should take turns on purchases and always make sure the bride does not pay for anything but if it is up in the air on who gets the Bride’s bill, I feel it falls on MOH. However, I had a unique situation because the bride and I are so close and she deserved absolutely everything she wanted. I was willing to spend whatever I needed to in order to make sure she had the perfect time and day.

Q: What events do you think are crucial for the MOH to attend?
A: The Wedding day obviously (haha) aside from that, definitely the bachelorette party and the bridal shower. As MOH, I think it’s important to attend every event for the wedding. I feel those are the most crucial.

Q: What did you expect your duties would be the day of the wedding?
A: For the day of, I went in with the mentality of “if something needs to be done, it is my responsibility to make sure it is done.” I had a handful of people on speed dial (mostly my dad!) to help me run and pick up things (like our lunch!) that I couldn’t leave to get.

Q: When/If the bride goes into panic mode, what/did you have a plan of action?
A: I told the bride if she changed her mind, I have the getaway car! Haha But really, she was so calm and collected that I really didn’t have to worry about that. I just kept an eye on her mood and gauged her emotions. I’m very intuitive to people and can typically sense if someone’s emotions could get in the way but the bride was always so sure that there was never any doubt and there really was no need for a plan.

If you have questions you would like answered about being the MOH, or a Bridesmaid in general, post a comment! I would LOVE to do some research, ask around and get those questions answered for you!

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