We love reading a good book, listening to podcasts, a good whiskey, and good (vegan) food.
Being able to shoot every wedding together is so incredibly fun. We pray you see the joy we receive from capturing your special moments.
There isn't much else better than spending time with our family, swimming and playing. Pool days are a favorite around here.
Give us the sun, the beach or a pool, our people and we are happy!

Chris and I love that we have a large family (6 kiddos to be exact). Spending time with them is one of our all time favorite things to do. We believe in family, we believe in marriage, and we believe in stories. Our story is one for the books and we can't wait to see what the next chapter will bring.

hello. We are RACHEL & CHRIS


Your Wedding Day is important.  It is FUN and amazing, and a celebration of a new journey, a new beginning.  A celebration of two people fully committing themselves to each other...there isn't much else more precious in life.

We LOVE Weddings (duh!).  But we LOVE Marriage even more!
We hope and pray that each of our couples do not go into this union lightly.  That they understand the beautifully amazing thing they are about to embark on.  It comes with more than a party and a ring.  It comes with working day in and day out to love each other (even when it's just a verb), and to honor each other. 
Your Wedding Day is just the beginning... 

we believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day

our Philosophy