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It’s the little things in life that make the biggest impacts.  The way a strangers smile makes you feel warm inside and can change your outlook for the whole day.  Or when your sweet little one, out of the blue, looks at you and says “I wuv you momma”… these are the seemingly insignificant moments […]

I’m going to interrupt my normal feed of sweet couples and weddings to bring you something a little different but so magical! **PSA: If birth, makes you queasy I would tread lightly, none of the pictures I post will be too graphic but if you’re sensitive it may not be your most favorite post Bullet’s […]


I don’t post family sessions often, but this family is incredibly special not only to me, but for my business! If you have sat in front of me to discuss the possibility of us shooting your wedding, you have likely heard about THIS couple! Katelyn + Robert.  Theirs was the first Wedding that Chris and […]

It’s the time of year when everyone is scrambling to get their Christmas pictures done!  One of my favorite times of the year!  Why you ask?  Because I get to hang out with a bunch of littles that I have seen grow thru the years, and I get to make new friends!  Most of you […]


As a photographer who specializes in Weddings, my social media is obviously filled with Wedding related content. My Website is geared towards brides and grooms. And my blog has an obvious lean towards all things White Lace and Promises (any Carpenters fans out there?!). So it’s no wonder that even the families that I have […]

For those that don’t know, I have 4 siblings, and the two youngest are twins.  Their birthday happened to be last week, and we celebrated as a family this weekend! In our house, we always do a family dinner and dessert and just hang out together to celebrate our birthdays.   Family is so important […]


One of my favorite things about my job is getting to connect with those I knew growing up…especially when that means cuddling with their sweet littles!  So, I was so excited when Allison contacted me to set up her Newborn session!  I have photographed them a few times already, and was secretly hoping I would […]

Baking for me, is one of those things that I have just come to realize I am not capable of doing.  I can follow a recipe to a T, and it will still come out BLAH!! Now is also a good time to mention that this does NOT apply to cooking!  I LOVE to cook, I […]


Some of you may remember the recent post about Ellie’s Birth (you can find it HERE). One of my favorite things about my job, is getting to know my clients.  Getting to hear all the stories, whether that is an amazing proposal, or a true miracle in the birth of a child. This little girl […]

This sweet family is always so easy and fun to work with!  I cannot believe how big the girls are getting, and I feel so blessed to be able to watch them grow!  They are always dressed just perfectly, and this session was no exception!  This momma did a fabulous job at styling her family! […]