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This post was NOT thought out.  But HELLO!!! It SNOWED here!  In Bryan, TX!!  Like BIG snow flakes, and snow sticking on the ground.  Snow ball fights, snow men and crunching when we walk snow!  I don’t remember it snowing that good ever in my whole life here!  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a […]

I always hesitate when asked what my favorite holiday is…because it’s thanksgiving. So then I just sound like a glutton! And let’s be honest, I do REALLY like food; especially thanksgiving food. It is wrapped in sentimental value, and is my favorite food ever.  No, like EVER.  And I am weird about it. My rules […]


He’s kind of my favorite. And TODAY is his BIRTHDAY! 🎂 He is my person.  I love getting to spend my life with him! Chris, over the past 11 years this is what I have learned: You are incredibly gracious and forgiving.  Your heart is to serve others, and you do it well.  You are one […]

Y’all! We made it TEN years!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US!! Today marks 10 years married. Ten years of hard work, and daily choosing each other. Ten years of getting to spend every day with our person. Ten years of having the most fun of our life! Ten years of building a family together. Ten years of […]


Today doesn’t seem like the day to talk about hacks, or tips or tricks. Today seems like a day to take my platform, no matter how small, and use it to ask for prayers for Texas. I am thankful that we are safe.  But I’m also worried about my family and friends who are dealing […]

I promise I will get back to my normally scheduled tips and pretty pictures! But today is a special day, and this feels like a great day to update all of you lovely people who care to even follow me! Today my kiddos went back to school. And while none of them are going to […]


As a Wedding Photographer I deal with the planning of and execution of your wedding.  But my hope and dream for you is an amazing marriage that will last a lifetime!  I not only want to offer you great content on how to plan your wedding, but I also want talk about how to make […]

There are few things in my life that give me more joy than spending time with my family and my closest friends. When the two collide…my heart nearly bursts with excitement and anticipation! The days leading up to this trip were near torture! Both Chris and I were so excited to get away with our […]


I am so excited to finally be sharing this with all of you! Waiting to share this is so tough, but now that it has officially been featured on 100 Layer Cake, I am able to share all about the workshop I attended with Amy & Jordan Demos! Be sure to check out the feature with […]

Attending a Workshop is not just a dream I had, but I think a necessary part of furthering my education and networking!  I am finally blogging this amazing opportunity I had. This blog will be two parts, so be sure to check back next week for the second half! One thing that has impacted my […]